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Power Lifting


"The pain you feel today, Will be a STRENGHT For TOMORROW".

Powerlifting focus more on developing the strength to perform different functions, while lifting weight is to be able to lift heavy weights overhead. Powerlifting requires the development of maximum strength on the back squat, the bench press, and the deadlift.

Powerlifting relies on strength, which makes it a great training sport for developing technique. It takes a great deal of dedication and attention to perform well in this, but with enough time and proper training, it is possible to develop exceptional technique and strength capacity. 




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If you are searching for gyms and fitness center in South Delhi, Mehrauli that can provide latest equipment and qualified trainers, then Prime Fitness is your place with a wide range of fitness classes and gymming options. There is something for people of any age and gender. Whether you want to lose weight or weight gain, or you are interested in weightlifting. Prime Fitness is able to accommodate your needs and help you to achieve your weightlifting dreams. We offer experienced trainers and the best possible facilities for all types of weightlifting and powerlifting training

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